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    more comprehensive and healthy hair


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    more comprehensive and healthy hair

    Post by Lucycarryier on Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:14 am

    more comprehensive and healthy hair




    Hair follicle by a balanced diet , protein, complex carbohydrates , essential fatty acids and vitamins.


    Salmon - Here's another excuse to eat more salmon. It is rich in ω - 3 fatty acids and all lean protein , provides great nutrition for your scalp .


    Vitamins - The A, B, niacin, biotin. Vitamins to strengthen the cuticle ( outer layer of your hair ) . Spinach glueless full lace wigs, eggs and bananas are a good source .


    Alopecia has with certain mineral deficiencies . Brazil nuts for selenium and zinc oysters splurge .


    Start treating your scalp and your face


    Americans spend an average of about $ 1 billion a year on skin care lacewigsbuy hair wigs. Most of the money is spent on our faces. If we are committed to as much effort , the skin on our heads , we can move more comprehensive and healthy hair. A skill - like you horny skin on your face , began to scrub your scalp .


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