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    Hair coarse hair gel and more people fit


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    Hair coarse hair gel and more people fit

    Post by Lucycarryier on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:36 am

    Hair coarse hair gel and more people fit





    Hair stiff and more people are more suitable for hair gel, hair thin less people , more suitable for use pomade . Q4: perm , we had to Jumbo , the result was hot into a small volume , is particularly old-fashioned , how to save ? A: perm hair feel and look old-fashioned volume is too small , you can immediately use the first dose of medicine in the old-fashioned curl , and then quickly select large curl hair piece wigsbuy, without heating to wait ten minutes , then drop a second agent directly and syrup , which can be slightly improved curl . Or choose lucrative mature bangs improve the image of the final adjustments on their own hair with a curling iron curl .


    Supple and elegant hair, most women are eager to have , but the premise is not to spend too much time and money to take care of them. However, even regularly go to salon hair, it is difficult to maintain the hair style, because once you get out of the salon , the hair will not listen to your words . How can we protect our hair, to make hair shiny and smooth sustain it ? How to spend the least time to let our hair look good and peace of mind it ?


    Hair DIY 1, the traditional ponytail : the most worry is not obsolete than smooth ponytail hairstyle , but it is also simple maintenance . Horsetail also showed off different types of beauty , but also very easy to take care of the cauda equina , because it does not require any special type of hair , do not limit the length . But there is also a problem ponytail is tied up will form lumps. If you want to solve this problem, you can put a card before ponytail inside.


    2, the ball head : a good ball head can conceal dry or curly hair, but it can make you look very elegant . Once you woke up this morning and found his fluffy hair messy , do not worry , all you need to do is use a hair gel products to ensure straighten human hair wigs for black women on sale hair, tied into a fluffy ball head . 3 , elegant dish made : Flaxen Hair styling looks are not very temperament ? Both walked into the office , or participate in formal occasions , can ease and calm . However, do not be intimidated by this gorgeous Oh , towering flaxen hair a little too hard. Four -step quick fix , immediately teach ! 1 . Preparation: the bean-sized styling cream painted in washed hair, blow dry .


    2 uplift : the hair is divided into upper and lower two shares, at an uplift as possible with a comb . 3 plate made : The following roll into a banana -shaped one with the hairpin fixed , at one wrapped in the " banana " , but also with the hairpin fixed. 4 stereotypes : a comb with a pointed pick out strands of hair to enhance the sense of elegant . Finally, the entire hair styling hair gel . Hairdressing a small coup , rejected shampoo glueless full lace wigs to reduce usage and frequency of use, you can make the hair more healthy. Also, do not wash hair the night before there is an additional benefit , the next day hair is very easy to take care of. No shampoo, conditioner only , you can also get rid of excess fat , or only a small point shampoo wipe the hair root , which is enough to make your hair remains greasy. If you can not guarantee that every shampoo shampoos do not have , at least once a week guaranteed . But still want to use some bangs shampoo , because this part of the most greasy hair .


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