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    Dry your hair with injury


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    Dry your hair with injury

    Post by Lucycarryier on Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:07 pm

    Dry your hair with injury




    Error four: a hair dryer completely dry. The wet hair is completely dry hair will bring great harm , you can use a dry towel bound up her hair blown 80% dry , and then continue to wait for natural hair makeup or clothes to dry , and then use a hair dryer styling. Error five: hairdressing tool temperature is too high at least once every three days with a hair dryer to shape, so let the hair get enough rest . If I had lacewigsbuy hair tool, whether it is a hair dryer or curling iron , it is recommended that the temperature adjusted to mid-range . If your tool has temperature display, remember not higher than 210 degrees .


    In the hair salon , most perm temperatures at 230 degrees or more, unless it is otherwise not straightened so high temperatures. In the hair before styling insulation products to protect the hair , then hair tools hair piece for each partition on top , or pull or volume are controlled within 2 - 3 times less. This can effectively reduce hair damage, but also making the shape last longer . Error six: often scratching fingernails Gehry dirt and grease, so unconscious scratching the scalp and hair will make them dirty. Remember your hair when you wash your hands , then remember to do the old hands on the possession of hair .


    Do not be blowing hair , the hair root of lace front human hair wigs penetration down the water will let you do useful work. First blow dry the hair root , and then blowing hair , or let hair dry naturally , the hair dryer to minimize the damage . 3 , keep a distance from the duct and scalp hair about 15cm away from the hair dryer to avoid it hit the hair , the hair too close can cause thermal damage . In the barber shop shampoo , hair stylist will put a lot of hair dryer away from your hair very close to it, so long , the hair is very good oh.


    4 , hair dryer constantly moving a lot of people often make a mistake in blowing a hair dryer when the region is stationary , so because the heat concentrated in one area will easily lead to hair damage . Therefore , starting from the head start hairdryer , a hand to open the hair fiddle , a hand moving a hair dryer. 5, do not pour the wet curly wigs human hair hair cuticle is blown open , and blowing along the direction of hair growth will make the hair cuticle closed , if the blow will fall cuticle open, blowing more edgy . In addition also select smart hair dryer , star big S on the recommendation of thermostatic hair dryer, it will maintain a certain temperature , if the last blow that part of a region of the hair causes the temperature is too hot , hair dryer will light up red.





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