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    Why do we need oil for hair


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    Why do we need oil for hair Empty Why do we need oil for hair

    Post by Lucycarryier on Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:54 am

    Why do we need oil for hair





    While some cringe with their hair very idea of oil applications , there are other people who have been following this ancient tradition since ancient times . This approach offers several advantages , which helps ensure the health of the hair to keep regardless of the weather changes, lifestyle or work schedule. In addition to being an excellent promote hair growth , scalp oil treatment also provides excellent stress relief .


    Why do we need oil for hair glueless human lace wig?


    People often do not know why our hair needs extra oil , if there is enough oil being produced by the sebaceous glands glandsWell , the answer to this question is very simple. The following is the reason oil treatment must exercise at least twice a week .


    Helps maintain the health of the scalp human hair curly wig uk

    Our natural release scalp oily substance called sebum which is healthy root overall acid-base balance of hair lacewigsbuy and scalp essential. When this excess oil secretion , it makes the scalp sticky and smelly . The reason is that sebum is mixed with sweat , dust , fibers, and other contaminants.

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