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    Do not have hair products


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    Do not have hair products

    Post by Lucycarryier on Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:58 pm

    Do not have hair products




    Skincare is dry and cold season in hair products , stress and environmental factors which will make your hair problem is particularly evident , such as static electricity , bifurcation , dull , smell and so on. When you temporarily need to solve these hair problems, you know how to use these skin care products around you ? Never underestimate the skin care products you use every day , they often can temporarily help you get rid of " trouble ." Especially when the show launched electrostatic , the hair dull or become sticky when , or even scalp hair smells ...... Question: Love to electrostatic dry and cold season, replacing the clothes hair often appears " snapping" static sound, this should belong to dry hair characteristics , in this season has forced everyone feel embarrassed. This is because the lack of moisture in the lacewigsbuy hair which result in an unbalanced state of water and protein , resulting in hair breakage , dry itchy scalp , feel edgy, prone to static electricity .


     Using skin care : do not have hair care products, skin care products to try it ! Spraying the active ingredients make hair look active molecule orientation , making hair fiber charge reduction , resistance is reduced , the antistatic layer of the protective film make hair restoration moist, soft and smooth , and give your hair brings subtle fragrance . Hair spray also able to retain moisture , reduce static and add shine . Heated styling the hair when you can produce a protective film, so that the hair from split ends and dry , especially for Soft hair. Heart water Recommended : Ya Yang Shu care active springs spray hair problems : lack luster hair wind will make the hair more contaminated with dust , the hair dry, less water, and then develop into fragile, split ends and even the point of rupture , this is because the hair cuticle is worn sake . Using skin care products : contains a variety of moisturizing ingredients moisture lotion or moisturizer after shampooing , give hair covered with a thin film , making the body more smooth and glossy hair .


    Heart water Recommended : Grass collection Rose Aqua Moisturizing Cream hair question: perm hair dye your curly lace wigs hair will make the hair sticky often thinner and very easy to stick together . Although they can straighten hair shampoo , but in order to maintain the fluffy hair , people often use some Punta hair products such as hair gel, fluffy powder , however, the use of these products will make the hair clean is very troublesome. Using skin care products : non- oil can be removable waterproof makeup remover solution , not only can effectively remove the variety of eye and lip make-up , but also to remove the burden on the hair . Especially plant components added Lip Makeup Remover , not only make your hair clean , and even soothes fragile hair , fresh and without leaving any greasy feeling . Sensitive scalp also be used. Heart water Recommended : The Face Shop Rice Shiny Lip Makeup Remover Hair question: scalp odor dry and cold season, often appear oily scalp odor . This is due to the cold weather will make the scalp moisture reduction , the remaining lifetime of more sebum on the scalp and hair body surface , under cover of the hat , over time it will cover an unpleasant smell.


    Using skin care products : Do not worry , scalp odor is relatively easy to solve, if you do not have light hair lotions eliminate the odor , or no time and condition your hair with shampoo to adjust the taste , you only need to carry a few slices with oil get rid of the effect cleansing cotton on it. Refreshing Cleansing cotton plant formula , mild toning does not irritate sensitive fragile scalp can also be safe to use . Tip: If you want soft hair more elastic , cotton cleansing can appropriately add a drop of olive oil, better lock the moisture in the hair , but also can make hair curly full lace wigs look shiny and smooth . Heart water Recommended : extra virgin olive oil plant language .


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