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    vala net falas


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     	vala net falas Empty vala net falas

    Post by ((HaCk-LaDi)) on Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:23 am

    Ka disa dit qe Internet GPRS eshte falas ne mobil Vala900 ja edhe parametrat;

    NOKIA 6600

    Accaunt name: vala900
    Homepage: wvw.google.com
    User name: zbrazet
    Pasword: zbrazet
    Use pref.access pt. :No

    Access point settings:
    Proxy :enabled
    Proxy address:
    Proxy port :3129
    Data bearer: packed data
    Bearer settings
    Packet data acc.pt. :vala900-mms
    Network type :IPv4
    Authentication type: normal
    User name :zbrazet
    Pasword : zbrazet

    Shfrytezojeni sa eshte pa pare .

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    Post by shkelqimii on Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:11 pm

    po per sony ericson c900

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     	vala net falas Empty Cangzhou one man after the hair cause hair loss

    Post by Lucycarryier on Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:29 pm

    Cangzhou one man after the hair cause hair loss



    Use "Korea" products hair, head hair loss, but a large area. Recently, in the area of ​​City Development and Industry Bureau, the first case of the use of hair products cause allergies are caused by the successful mediation of consumer disputes, consumers will ultimately got 2,800 yuan for medical expenses and compensation.


    According to reports, recently, Zhang consumers in the zone a hair salon haircut, hairdresser recommended to him a hair dye. Hair before, at his urging, the owner let him see the hair dye packaging, but the whole is in Korean. The owner said products are imported directly from South Korea, the local no. But Shang Hao hair dye, Mr. Zhang's scalp began to itch, the owner said normal, had a moment like. Zhang can go home a few days, there was itchy scalp, head large patchy hair loss and other symptoms, after doctors diagnosed as allergic contact dermatitis. He has four times to find salon claim compensation, the owner to Mr. Zhang's own factors as reasons to shirk, refused to compensate. tomenireyreo187


    Due to repeated unsuccessful negotiations, Mr. Zhang in the meantime they took more than 1,600 yuan for medical expenses. March 20, he reported 12,315 complaints to the city command center complaints. City Development and Industry Bureau received complaints, the staff investigation into the barber shop and found that hair dyes belong to the "three no" products. When the store staff about similar products remaining to be detained, and investigation. March 25, after mediation mediators, salon Zhang final compensation for medical expenses and compensation of 2,800 yuan.




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