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    You can limit the damage to your hair


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    You can limit the damage to your hair Empty You can limit the damage to your hair

    Post by Lucycarryier on Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:22 am

    You can limit the damage to your hair




    Styling Products

    Excessive use of styling products , such as flat irons , relaxants, perm, or excessive use of blow molding machine can also lead to brittle dry hair lace wigs uk. The hair is exposed to excessive heat , when we use these products. With wet hair flat iron , and may even cause your hair curly full lace wigs to burn. If possible, use of these types of products only when necessary .


    Environmental factors

    The reason for all your hair dilemma may actually be the climate . Where there are a lot of sunshine , humidity is small, and dry heat can make your hair glueless lace wigs human hair very dry and brittle . Exposed to extreme wind or sun or chlorine in pool water can do tons of damage to your hair , loss of nutrients and brittle.


    You can wear a hat or scarf outdoors, and limit the damage from environmental elements your hair when swimming in chlorinated water with a cap .


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