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    She dyed her hair than her brain


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    She dyed her hair than her brain

    Post by Lucycarryier on Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:14 pm

    She dyed her hair than her brain



    A school sent a teenage girl , because she dyed her hair red isolation.
    14 , Natalya , and told she could not participate in Kenton School lessons in Kenton, Newcastle , until she dyed her hair back to a natural color lacewigsbuy human hair wigs.
    The teacher told her she needed her teacher , she sat far away from the rest of the class .
    They and the student's father asked him to allow his daughter at the school 's hair salon recolour .
    However, the 44 -year-old Fred Page refused and accused the school overreacted .
    Mr. Page , a taxi driver , said: " It's ridiculous - she dyed her hair glueless lace wigs, not her brain .

    "I do not understand that they have to take care of the school's image, but how can it affect her education do ?
    "They can teach how different they are , if they intend to put their most simple things do ? I just feel as if she is being persecuted ."
    Miss claimed that she dyed her hair curly full lace wigs weeks ago , the teacher just noticed changes.

    Chancellor David Red Apple said: " Natalya came to the school last week , with her hair dyed a color, she was very clear on the uniforms regulations.
    "She dyed back to a more natural color provides an opportunity , but he refused to do so , " he said. "


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