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    Big Brother RECA


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    Big Brother RECA

    Post by Lucycarryier on Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:15 am

    Big Brother RECA




    BUZZ, a wig is dead. Wicked wig , that nasty wig. BUZZ, terrible wig Yes, finally the wig has been kicked out of the game, most of them have bad hair . At least, that is what I would think so . This is because homosexuality was never wins exhibition. It never happened , even once . Maybe Big Brother is a heterosexual or something. I would like to one day win a homosexual , but I do not want that person lacewigsbuy wigs and hair like the U.S. where there are gay people , terrible hair to go around .


    But the decision right out of their hair and hair wash that man is so obvious that we did not even see any clips of the game. No , the only thing we see is that Ashley Frank asked, " Ice Cream Day" completely steal Ian requirements in the house out of the people think. Ashley claims that she wants to get some information about whether Frank wig home, but it did not work the way . When she went to the upstairs , Frank always behave like a bastard boy . "I do not have any ice cream, but I have some wine, how about instead ? " "Well, Frank , it sounds very interesting ." Then, he got her proper lubrication . "So , want to go a bit out on the couch to do it?" "Well, Frank , it sounds very interesting glueless lace wigs human hair." Wow , I could not believe that this will actually work. This is Frank, how to run this game, and now , a simple , direct, and let everyone know that he and his mane sculpture Cinderella's dress wrong thread and Avalon fog spritzed responsible sort.


    Now, I do not have a showmance jump to any conclusions . I think Frank just did it because Ashley is considerable , he can . I think she just did , because she did not know how to say "no ." And because Frank is hot. He looks more like Carrot Top than Channing - Tatum , if you ask me, but he still knows how to rock unitard . But poor Ian . First, he left to find his mute six . He then discovered that Frank and his girl . Ian went to open his glueless full lace wigs, quick !


    So, since we all know wigs chopped , they had to somehow fill the hours. First of all, we got a small clip about Joe 's family . Well, I guess the producer thought it was his turn to go home. Sorry , wigs, you do not Olympian reality TV show , " he likes at home " news program processing . Instead , we see Joe and his brood cute , funny wife, who does not like Mike Phuket ( join the club ) , and picked up her husband how loud , in his diary room ( join the club ! ) Shouting .


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