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    bang modified face of a great magic weapon


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    bang modified face of a great magic weapon

    Post by Lucycarryier on Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:14 pm

    bang modified face of a great magic weapon




    Liu is not only a cosmetic face a magic , and more able to add your eyes mysterious sexy. A suitable fringe bangs can even make up your face flaws ! So now many are located bangs hair stylist fuss . Irregular short lacewigsbuy bangs features: layered cut , high-level bangs fluffy scattered over the lower eyebrow bangs to see , exposing a little forehead, the face is elongated more, while allowing the hair to become youth, vitality .


    Comments: The round face MM are afraid of trying Qi Liu , in fact, like this layering Qi Liu not only does not feel round face , fluffy effect can put your face modification was smaller , more lines too ! Radian Qi Liu bangs Features: Guo Mei Qi Liu with radians , not across the board and tidy, the curvature of the inner volume and cheekbone natural convergence with long hair , bangs three-dimensional sense . Three-dimensional contours of the face bangs also becomes three-dimensional up cheekbones also instantly becomes smaller ! Comments: This hairstyle for triangle face of the MM is particularly suitable because it can well modified high cheekbones , becomes oval face beauty is that simple ! Thick Qi Liu bangs Features: BOBO head like doll head and thick Qi Liu glueless lace wigs, exudes a strong retro flavor. Meanwhile, the length of bangs between the eyes and eyebrows , make the face look smaller , but also allow the eyes to add a little mystery .


    Comments: This was all the rage doll Qi Liu very wild Oh , except for the face is too round , the other face can try , and very Japanese , oh ! Slightly curled fringe bangs Features : Medium -long fringe long to cheek bone position , modification of the more prominent cheeks , easily changing the face ! Random sub-line to get rid of the old-fashioned distribute always gives the impression that Roll with a romantic , so you have the same personality without losing the girl's romantic temperament. Comments: prominent cheek bone area who usually choose to go without bangs hairstyle cover inverted triangle face. However, no bangs and gives a feeling of the soil , then it may try to cut bangs just covering the cheeks of the position, and then a little hot inside the roll, so that can achieve the effect of covering the cheek bone but also has fashion sense ! The short bangs broke already have cute cartoon buy lace front wigs girls Qi Liu temperament style , naturally bangs next minute, revealing little forehead so that the spirit of the people seem a lot, but more feminine .


    Comments: Although now qingshunv like Zhuangnen , but not overly , they know too cute bangs will only make themselves look nondescript , so this is just right next to their favorite stars bangs Oh ! Overlay oblique bangs Liu characteristics: the majority concentrated in the fringe area of hair , there are levels of crop and slightly hot roll , let bangs with abundance , but also has a dynamic, more importantly, is this overlay bangs on my face off more small. Comments: The amount of hair too often blame themselves for the MM may wish to try this overlay bangs , reducing the amount of fat at the same time and can be modified to face , do both.



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