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    Increase hair shine


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    Increase hair shine

    Post by Lucycarryier on Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:12 pm

    Increase hair shine




    Eat seaweed . Hair gloss largely depends on the role of thyroid hormone in vivo . However, a woman over 30 years of age , the body's ability to decrease thyroid hormone secretion . The seaweed food is extremely rich in iodine , this element is the main raw material in vivo synthesis of thyroxine .


    Therefore, eat seaweed foods for hair growth , moisturizing , glossy black have special effects. Ensure that the intake of green vegetables yellow fruit vitamin also easy to cause hair is not shiny . Such as vitamin B can promote wigsbuy hair growth , making hair a natural shine effect, while vitamin C can be activated capillary wall , so that the hair can smoothly absorb the nutrients in the blood . Therefore, the usual eating more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, leeks , celery , mango, bananas , etc., not only beautify the skin, but it also recover healthy and glossy hair have a multiplier effect.


    Eat beans often eat tofu and other soy products can not only serve to increase hair shine , elasticity and so on, but also to prevent bifurcation or broken. For the 30 year-old women who eat soy products, drink milk only can promote brain cell metabolism, but also to prevent formation of white hair full lace wigs uk. Hypothermia after perm choose their own shampoo hair shampoo and hair conditioner, but often overlooked water temperature, the higher the temperature higher than shampoo . Low shampoo can help hair cuticle closed .


    Thus , the beauty of women should abandon the traditional way of shampoo , shampoo starts just above body temperature when the temperature control , the last time the water temperature slightly below body temperature. Avoid alcohol can not be used to stimulate hair styling products containing alcohol , because alcohol will make the hair dry and dull, become frizzy . If conditional, encouraged to use disposable type hair conditioner, because it not only will the hair surface to form a protective film , can also help curly full lace wigs hair styling . The correct way styling hair with a hair dryer drying hair and various other means of heating are heated hair damage caused by the main reason for the excessive use of hair dryer can damage the quality and capelin hair medulla, make the hair dry, bifurcation, thinning until the fall .




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