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    Preferably three to four times per week to wash head


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    Preferably three to four times per week to wash head

    Post by Lucycarryier on Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:11 pm

    Preferably three to four times per week to wash head





    TCM suggestions: 1, preferably three to four times per week to wash head . Wash your hair every day, not only can not protect the hair , but also may cause damage to the hair . Wash your hair too often because the sebaceous glands secrete oil will wash off thoroughly , so that the scalp and hair lost its natural protective film , but bad for the health of the hair wigsbuy. 2 , long working hours outdoors and intellectual workers , can be appropriately increased number of shampoo , in addition they often comb , promote blood circulation. In general, it is best not wash your hair before going to sleep , if you want to wash it with a dry towel , and then use the hair dryer duct after sleep , so do not catch cold . The hair is dry circumstances asleep , colds .


    Western suggestions: 1, wash the best summer day , this is more scientific . 2, some people who do special work , because health requirements , or to wash your hair every day . But no matter what people should pay attention when cleaning head shampoo choice, avoid using too much alkaline shampoo glueless lace front wigs, preferably with conditioner. The tangled hair comb , available from the tail comb slowly at first , and then comb from the hair root to the end from the beginning , can even upside down , from the Ministry of forward Naoshao comb , let hair smooth, promote blood circulation , perform cleaning work to do more with less ! Like shampoo skincare in general, must start from the basic cleaning work , a complete cleaning work to remove substances hinder the absorption of nutrients , and subsequent nourish action to be effective absorption.


    First, the shampoo into the palm , rub blistering after Mayu hair, wash the hair root to hair tail and let the hair tyra banks wigs to fall naturally , using fingers to massage the scalp gently push them around , back and forth two or three times , then gentle flow of water down to rinse slowly , do not use hot water too hot , it will cause excessive drying the scalp . Efficacy hair conditioner repair function is known , can repair damaged hair , isolation ultraviolet invasion , more than three times a week can do from the scalp to the hair , rub it into the various parts of the hair , then rinse with water . After washing , use a wide-toothed comb to comb hair tail scratch and wrap head with a towel , let conditioner moisturizing ingredients can be fully realized .


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