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    How do I organize bang


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    How do I organize bang

    Post by Lucycarryier on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:43 am

    How do I organize bang



    Point 1: Tips to create an abundance of blowing the whole hair soft, flat collapsed man, night after shampooing will dry. First, shampoo and wrap the hair with a towel after the first , there is naturally curly and bangs volatile type of person , first blow bangs , good hair flow along streams to avoid hair askew ; remaining hair blowing tailor to reverse the direction of hair flow eighths dry , then blow the surface to avoid frizz forward , if the hair is very serious people collapse morning shampoo will be more fluffy, but sooner or later, shampoo , blow -dry the scalp to go to sleep or to avoid moisture within the hair root so that wigsbuy hair fall flat again , and let the scalp healthy.


    Step by step 1, the bangs forward dial , hair dryer blowing down the mouth , the other hand to straighten hair . 2 , the next will allocate all the hair forward , the position of the main blow hair root , probably eight blown dry, the hair fall back full-blown dry . 3, with the fingers into the hair root dial loose hair, add fluffy. 4 , bangs blowing towards the direction of the line . 5, when the bangs dry , dial back to the original orientation. Point 2: If the proper use of an abundance of products to get up early , and found hair was still sleeping collapsed, with styling products will help restore hair support force , the first head upside down even slightly wet the hair root , the need fluffy position , the Volumizing spray spray stratified marching root , at least 6 to 7 layers subdivision , will evenly buildup . Hindbrain flat collapsed to strengthen the back of the head , slender and both sides of the flat head type collapse would strengthen both sides of the head on both sides as a wide man , we must strengthen the eyebrow , ear upper cheeks in order to achieve balance.


    Step by step 1, first pulled up to the back of the head hair , subdivision six to seven , will be an abundance of product sprayed on each layer of hair. 2, the side of the hair lifted Likewise, stratification, the abundance of products on the hair spray . 3 , the head backwards , while using your fingers into the hair slide hair root of glueless full lace wigs, while using a hair dryer blowing . 4 , the hair to the side down , and likewise , toggle the hair root and dry. 5 , and finally head back positive , hair dryer mouth down , blowing the hair smooth .


     Point 3: perfect head tie hair tips not only pay attention to hair down until fluffy , hair tied head type is more likely to show defects and hair flat collapsed problem , to make the perfect head fluffy radian , it is necessary in the human hair wigs for black women on sale hair layer of hands and feet, for the inner hair clip corn or flat comb scraping Punta reverse , with emphasis on easy to fall flat back of the head , if the hair is relatively flat sides collapsed , too closely , or temple near the sunken head shape than people, but also hair and make both sides of the bottle , if your hair is really soft, corn must be first folder then comb scraping Punta inverse to extend sustainability.




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