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    Scalp Health determines whether the health of your hair


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    Scalp Health determines whether the health of your hair

    Post by Lucycarryier on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:30 am

    Scalp Health determines whether the health of your hair



    Wet hair, hot water is easy to make hair dry ( on the skin is ) , warm water on it. Filth scalp is the easiest place, such as the secretion of grease and dust , so make sure your hair roots and scalp have been soaked in water , there is not easy to see the back of the head hair inside Oh, this shampoo can infiltrating every inch of hair . Shampoos wave and water, rub the hair length according to the amount of shampoo in the palm down , then add water and gently rub it. Starting from the top , wipe the shampoo to the wigsbuy hair , then hair back down to the neck until the hair . Note that you do not easily see the back of the hair.


    Gently massage the scalp scalp healthy determine whether the health of your hair , scalp massage is a new concept in recent years . You can use a special scalp massage cream can also be coated with a good shampoo scalp neutral to give to a horse slaughter . Gentle massage can promote scalp health , help release the pressure , but also better to remove styling products and dirt residues. Or you can simply circle massage the scalp , the effect is pretty good. Rinse massage, rinse with warm water at least one minute , rinse the shampoo completely . If you love natural hair oil , hair conditioner in summer you can omit this step . Also, if your hair is to be subsequently fluffy shape , then you can omit this step conditioner , because it makes the hair hanging along , it will increase the difficulty of modeling . Conditioner and shampoo to use the same, but pay attention to avoid the development of roots, otherwise it will cause oily scalp . Conditioner should be completely clean , if left in the back of the back is also likely to cause acne , oh. ,


    Hair dryer and will not damage the hair curly full lace wigseven though there have a lot a lot about hair dryer hazard argument , especially high radiation it like an X- ray film , which makes this convenient and practical for many small appliances may feel fear . Let us first clarify a fact , to dispel the concerns for the health post , let's say beautiful bar. To properly use the hair dryer method Physical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University professor has this to do some experiments , which concluded that , hair is indeed a large variety of home appliances in the radiation , especially when the power at the maximum. But not so terrible as medical devices .


    Because hair dryer radiation is electromagnetic radiation , and medical X-rays , ionizing radiation , both types , there is nothing comparable . So do not say that radiation damage your hair, it is in use issue. Recommendations for using a hair dryer hair stylist who gives the correct method of blowing hair curly full lace wigsshould be: 1 . Shampoo , first with a dry towel to absorb moisture in the hair clean, about not dripping , can we go with a hair dryer , or excessive moisture will work long hair dryers , hair dry naturally easy sustained by high temperatures . (2) use a hair dryer to the hair before some protection , such as disposable hair cream , which also makes the hair cuticle is closed in the natural luster and better degree of moisture . And do not be applied to the scalp or hair essence hair root , it can clog the hair follicle formation of dandruff , but should be applied to the hair and hair middle , especially hair , because there has been a strong period of growth , they lack nutritional and protection.






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