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    Honey helps hair retain moisture absorption


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    Honey helps hair retain moisture absorption

    Post by Lucycarryier on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:20 am

    Honey helps hair retain moisture absorption



    Honey is called " natural moisturizing agent" that can help the hair to absorb and retain moisture , nourish dry and damaged hair. Can also be used in the daily care conditioner can add some honey . Such compared directly to smear honey on the hair , rinse in a cleaner , hair does not have sticky feeling , while the honey penetrate the hair root of wigsbuy  human hair wigs to make hair soft and moist .



    " Remedies" two : add a little vinegar hairloss foreign competent Miss Han : In recent years, the most distressing thing I have endless hair out , remember very little hair loss , since the work , the hair more and more out of the powerful . Weather gets dry and out , the more a more powerful into the winter . Hair loss is most powerful when used conditioner when washing the head , scared I Xinchan , someday I will not be bald , right ? Tips: hair loss is due to the winter weather is getting dry, water not promptly added , resulting in reduced secretion of the sebaceous glands , causing hair dry and fall off. These unnatural deaths hair is often very small , it is a day off on dozens of root normal , but if found early hair human hair wigs for black women on sale out a lot, and it should attract attention . If hair loss is normal , you do not tense. Relax, reduce stress , and usually some of the hair more care , you can get rid of these troubles. If serious hair , shampoo in the water and a few drops of vinegar or put a little salt , wash water should not be too hot or too cold. Shampoo with 2-5 days once appropriate, shampoo also can rub one side , while massage with the pulp . "


    Remedies " Three: How often hair feet Miss Bai Lingli : Last feel very scared, this month , office chairs around , can see a bunch of hair disappeared. Wisp of hair to fall gently , very fragile , no toughness this regard, Tianjin Association Takeshi hairdressing training that hair glueless full lace wigs and everyone else, has its growth pattern in most cases , the hair tends to fall in the autumn , and in the next winter began to grow again . If it is not a lot of long hair , does not need too much tension , but if more than three months of continuous daily alopecia 80-100 or more, then you should be careful .


    Tips: eat some iron , calcium, zinc and other minerals and vitamins A, B, C , and contains more protein foods ; Do not give yourself too much mental stress caused by living more nervous , more busy work , the higher the chance of hair loss . Therefore, regular deep breathing , walking, doing relaxation exercises , etc., can eliminate mental fatigue. After entering the winter , every day should ensure adequate sleep , hot foot bath before bed , so that not only energetic, but also conducive to conservation of the hair .



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