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    What kind of hair conditioner needed


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    What kind of hair conditioner needed

    Post by Lucycarryier on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:16 pm

    What kind of hair conditioner needed

    Specific usage before using shampoo shampoo after shampoo in the basin into the amount of olive oil ( based on individual hair to decide how much amount of olive oil ) after rinsing 2-3 times , the oil will be evenly attached to the hair or drops in the palm and gently massage the hair to fully absorb the nutrients wrapped with a towel until one hour before shampooing with a mild shampoo Precautions insist once a week, a short time do not see results .

    Also known as conditioner rinse , usually used in conjunction with the shampoo in the supermarket to buy shampoo , often next to the spare bottle of shampoo conditioner , usually in the amount of shampoo evenly coated and then rinse with water , energy effectively prevent
    hair tie. I. conditioner conditioner composition , the market generally divided into transparent or colored paste material , typically an elongated package. Shampoo generally based anion as the main raw material , while the conditioner places cationic species as raw material, and the two form a single molecule in a protective film , allowing the hair to avoid knotting , become supple and smooth.

    Second, what kind of hair need to use a conditioner . Oily hair Many people have this misunderstanding : that the
    curly lace wigs hair itself is already excess oil secretion , and eliminates the need to use a conditioner . In fact , this idea is wrong. Oily hair conditioner in the selection of a person , you can pick a contraction function of the product to help shrink pores and reduce oil secretion, use it , remember conditioner is applied to the hair , not on the scalp, shampoo should also pay attention to the water temperature is not too high , so as not to stimulate oil secretion. 2 dry hair dry hair people prone to dry hair tyra banks wigs
    , split ends phenomenon. Dry hair is not for every day, shampoo, shampoo conditioner when necessary , in the selection of hair conditioner that can pick moisturizing conditioner . I remember before the shampoo comb with a comb sufficient to enable a smooth distribution of conditioner fully open . In washing hair , you can use cold water washed while the tail is often so can effectively improve the quality problem of poor gloss .

    3 Normal Hair Normal Hair is the best hair, oil secretion is normal, not dry, less dandruff , nursing them unlike oily or dry hair like stress, after all, have this hair crowd or in the minority. Even the natural beauty , but also inseparable acquired maintenance . Conditioner in the selection , you can choose moisturizing type, so neither will give the hair extra burden , but also allows you to maintain the current hair. Shampoo , the water temperature is not too high , not too low , close to the body's normal body temperature can be.



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