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    Dandruff causes


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    Dandruff causes

    Post by Lucycarryier on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:13 pm

    Dandruff causes

    " The reason for Dandruff Dandruff is visible scalp flaking skin cells debris , it is because excessive flaking caused by scalp cells , this phenomenon is like peeling skin after sunburn peeling. Normal replacement cycle is scalp cells 28 days , dander fully mature cells , to the naked eye can not see the tiny cell exfoliation . while dandruff of the scalp , and its replacement cycle of 14 days to 21 days . immature skin cells to reach the top , it will visible to the naked eye flaking , the formation of dandruff.

    Microbiology is one of the main causes of dandruff lacewigsbuy, is currently believed to be primarily oval Pityrosporum at work. This is one of the body's normal flora , parasites on the body's skin , It sebum for food, excretion of irritating byproducts can accelerate cell growth and replacement ;


    certain factors, Pityrosporum yeasts by the saprophytic type into the pathogenic filamentous form , then so will produce inflammation. Occur in the scalp , as regards the cause excessive dandruff , itching, scaling can be seen on the scalp , slightly greasy curly lace wigs. In addition , mental stress , unbalanced nutrition also contribute in varying degrees, the formation of dandruff .

    Dandruff is more , the young people , children and the elderly less , because , the young people are in the most productive period of life , busy, mental stress, normal routines and diet often affected because of work , coupled with environmental pollution , etc. , will cause increased dandruff . Dandruff how to do dandruff can happen throughout the year to spring and autumn obvious. Can start small pieces , which can then be large or small and gray throughout the entire scalp greasy scaly , like chaff or skin leather . Soon after shampooing generate new scales, often feel itching.

    Falling gradually thinning
    glueless lace wigs uk
    hair loss, and increasing, severe scalp dermatitis can occur red rash and other symptoms , resulting in greater pain. Therefore , to treat dandruff phenomenon should not be underestimated and should actively control. There are good habits to reduce dandruff , the best way is to change the environment for the growth of the scalp , it is not conducive to the growth of microorganisms . Change is not normal habits, less late at night , usually diet should be light , eat or not eat spicy food, stool to keep them open , reducing stress , etc. is also an effective way .



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