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    Xia Jixiu serious issue oil


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    Xia Jixiu serious issue oil

    Post by Lucycarryier on Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:53 pm

    Xia Jixiu serious issue oil



    Xia Jixiu oil issue is serious , greasy hair, it is also where's the sense of style ? Especially of you to stay bangs , bangs hair an oil is absolutely no form of it. Summer in order to have a perfect shape , fresh hair is a must. Take a look at what kinds of summer common problems will ruin your hair styling ? 1 , scalp secrete too much oil in summer often have such a problem , obviously the morning before washing the hair, to the noon start of oil outrageous , this is because the summer heat to make our scalp excessive oil secretion , if it is oily hair then the speed of the oil is even more amazing .


    To address this issue , it should be cleaned every day based on the combined hair twice a week deep cleaning , deep cleaning to help the scalp with oil , or directly into the effect of having a lacewigsbuy deep oil personal care products. It also can carry a free wash and dry spray , the spray directly onto the scalp and hair root position, so can immediately alleviate the embarrassment scalp oil can also help fall flat hair becomes fluffy.


    2 , bangs flat collapsed invisible scalp lot of sweating and out of the oil is the most direct manifestation of the most obvious is the bangs , and instantly lost the fluffy texture, oily lying on the forehead, very much affect the image. For such problems , you can tie in shape with fluffy effect before or powder spray primer , then a hair dryer blowing in the opposite direction the hair root , so the hair root becomes Punta becomes three-dimensional , so you can make the whole hairstyle more durable . Or you can use a comb back combing the top of the hair, the hair is disrupted, then the same will extend the hair to create hairstyles durability .


    3 , hair dry fork in the summer we would often happens is that the scalp has been out of oil, but the hair is very dry and bifurcation is very serious. This is because of the strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation so that hair becomes more dry and easy bifurcation , or even breakage , dry frizz phenomenon upwards. So before leaving in the summer , be sure to spray on the hair curly lace wigs surface anti UVA / UVB of hair spray or hair oil can be effectively isolated from UV rays. This ensures that your hair will not lose moisture to keep luster.


    4 , dandruff Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems , it is often due to poor eating habits, a slow digestive system, or hormonal imbalance and infection , leading to cell renewal on the scalp , we generally referred to as dandruff . In addition to the lack of sebum , the lack of vitamins , the use of unsuitable shampoo , too much pressure as well as external factors such as seasonal transition , can easily lead to dandruff. Under normal circumstances, as long as we adjust to these factors, and then use a professional anti-dandruff shampoo, can solve the problem . 5 , loose hair, slender little less hair curly full lace wigs, slender slim loose hair out of the oil more often looks soft, scarce. Should avoid using shampoo with conditioner . Dry your hair before using to make fluffy hair ornaments hair spray chemicals on the hair and then use the hair dryer blowing leavening sense of some of the hair will look dense . Xia Jixiu send oil is a very common phenomenon , the oil will wash up , so the view directly , but very good for hair health . To ensure that your hair fresh, you can use a hair dryer on a small mind , let the hair obediently become docile . I also wish to bifurcation such problems, is to increase the intensity of nutrition , while the sun can not forget .


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