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    Easily change the hairline


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    Easily change the hairline

    Post by Lucycarryier on Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:03 pm

    Easily change the hairline



    Hairline too low or too high will affect the facial contours, which makes how to improve the hairline to become a problem, but through medical cosmetic method could be improved. For hairline too low, according to the face designed to fit hairline, and then cut along the design lines scalp. In the proximal incision separating layer scalp hair follicles, destroying the proximal hair follicle, bleeding after sutured. Hair loss after proximal to achieve the purpose of enhancing the hairline, but the surgery relatively fine, difficult.
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    Instead, to solve the problem of high hairline, you can autologous hair transplantation to complete. Head "occipital" hair usually grows thick, strong vitality and will not hair loss, it is most suitable for the autologous hair glueless lace wigs uk transplantation to provide "material." First in the design of appropriate new forehead hairline, and then through surgery, part of the bushy area healthy hair follicles transplanted to the old and the new area between the hairline. Short-term recovery after transplantation, transplantation does not affect hair growth and trim the region, and autologous hair transplantation also avoids the problem of rejection.


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