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    Doctors said the bald stronger


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    Doctors said the bald stronger

    Post by Lucycarryier on Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:39 pm

    Doctors said the bald stronger



    While many people have bid farewell to the hair through hair image, but there are some people hair transplant process is not smooth. Henan Business Daily recently reported such an event, a hair loss patients in a hospital in Zhengzhou, made two FUT surgery, but the hair is not satisfactory, the doctor insisted that surgery has been successful, and that "much stronger than Baldy."
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    Men's hair, "planting" of a troubled

    Yesterday, Xiaohua (a pseudonym) once again came in Zhengzhou City, Garden Road and Red Road intersection Zhengzhou Tongji Hospital. Xiaohua is Xingyang people working in Zhengzhou, in 2006 began to hair loss, during which he tried a variety of hair loss treatments, not ideal. August 2010 saw the ad Tongji Hospital of Zhengzhou, he came to the hospital to seek treatment, the hospital center propaganda hair grow so that he was tempted.
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    "At that time, the doctors in my back of the head office opened two or three centimeters wide hole, take the hair follicle, and then implanted in the hair at the hairline." Xiaohua recalls. Postoperatively, Xiaohua long hair part, the doctor told him, "after three months to see the effect." When the twelfth lunar month 23, he went to the hospital for an operation, this time for nearly a day.

    Xiaohua said that this two operations did not achieve the desired effect, the implanted hair has grown very sparse, the head is still large gaps.

    "I did not dare to shave my head before surgery, and now you have to go out wearing a hat." Xiaohua said.

    This is a reason, after his head office, leaving a long scar.

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